$42 is all you need to take home a Do-It-All Gamepad

If you find a gamepad that works on your Mac, Steam, and Nintendo Switch appealing, then you’ll want to set your sights on the 8Bitdo SN30 Pro + Gamepad. It was reduced to just $ 42.50 from its original $ 50 price on Amazon.

The SN30 + is a wireless Bluetooth gamepad that has two analog sticks, directional buttons, and action buttons. You can customize it for different vibrations and precision depending on how specific you want your gaming experience to be. It features motion, vibration, and USB charging controls, along with joystick sensitivity modifications. There is also software for macOS and Windows in case you want to configure your controller for single input.

All of that hardware is impressive, and those who have played older console systems will appreciate the Super Nintendo-style look and ergonomics.

8BitDo is a brand known for producing high-quality drivers, and they don’t disappoint with the SN30 +. Buy it with a 15% discount today!

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