3+1 Best Text Expander Apps for Ubuntu

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Of course, when typing, most of the work is done on the keyboard. This is why text expansion apps are useful. For example, instead of taking 8 hours to finish an article, it can take less than 5 hours to finish the article using the text expansion application. All you need is to configure the snippets within a text expansion application, and you are good to go. We have already listed the best text expansion apps for Windows. In this post, we will look at the best text expansion apps for Ubuntu.


Autokey is a powerful text expansion application that is available for Linux. It comes with an automation tool that allows you to configure macros with your keyboard and it also works as an expansion application. Autokey has a GUI where you can configure text abbreviations and phrases. Once you enter the abbreviation, Autokey replaces it with the text phrase. You can also use the shortcut key Ctrl + Alt + F7, and it will show you a pop-up window to choose from your list of saved text phrases.

Also, you can manipulate hotkeys to change application launches. For example, if you have Mozilla Firefox on Linux and you are using incognito mode, which is activated by Ctrl + Shift + N, you can still use the automatic keys to reassign the incognito mode to be activated by Ctrl + Shift + N.

Autokey includes a steep learning curve that fits well into your typing routine. However, there are some downsides here; At times, you may experience random app crashes and crashes. The good thing is that the application works well in browsers, web pages and you can easily modify the keyboard shortcuts to reassign application launches.


TextExpander is an ideal application for those who love to write within a web page. TextExpander is one of the best extensions that are compatible with most of the websites. Works well on Gmail, Slack, WordPress, Sticky Notes, Google Keep, etc. However, it stopped working in Google Docs and other GSuite applications.

One of its small disadvantages is that you cannot opt ​​out of cloud storage. It is a premium extension that costs $ 3.33 / month. Also, TextExpander is not available for Firefox and does not work in Docs, Gmail, WordPress. Alternatively, you can try Automatic text expander for your Firefox browser


Texpander is a text expansion script written in bash. It has neither a GUI nor a command line. It is just a single shell script file and the installation requires some configuration. You will have to manually create text files in the “/home/ubuntu/.texpander” directory. The name of this file should be abbreviated and the content of the file should be the phrase.

For example, if you want ASAP to expand to “As soon as possible”, you will have to create a text file in the “.texpander” directory. Name the file ASAP.txt and then the content of the file will be “As soon as possible”. Another method is to use the following command. Replace “As soon as possible” with the required text phrase and “asap.txt” with the desired abbreviation.

echo “Do not disturb” >> ~ / .texpander / dnd.txt

After that, it will go to the script file “texpander.sh” downloaded in the directory “/ usr / bin /”. Then you will set up a keyboard shortcut within “Keyboard Preferences” to open the file each time you press the hotkey. Texpander is a simple expansion app and it will be perfect for many users.


Espanso is another simple text expansion app that you will love if you are a code lover. The application has no GUI. All configuration is done using the command line. So you will put all your shortcuts in the Espanso.

Configuration file “default.yml” using the following command – trigger = “dnd”
– replace = “Do not disturb”

One of the best things about this app is that it works across all apps, browsers, and websites. Just type a colon (:) followed by the abbreviation and the text will be replaced. Works in the background with minimal interference. Espanso has a steep learning curve, and you will also find documentation on its official website to guide you through the process. One small disadvantage is that you will have to restart the application every time you make changes to the configuration file.


Espanso and Texpander are minimal applications that work in both web and standalone applications. On the other hand, Autokey provides a variety of options like hotkey remapping, macros, text expansion, and many more.

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