3 in 1 Night Light and Wireless Charger and Stand for Smartphone is 15% Off

iLounge has a special offer on the 3-in-1 night light and wireless charger and smartphone holder, which allows you to enhance your smartphone while adding ambient lighting in one useful device.

Phone stands and chargers cost a dime a dozen, but the 3-in-1 Wireless Charger Stand has something unique to offer. With LED lights in an arc, the stand can cast a soft, warm light to accentuate the space where you place it. Tap to get to the light level you want and enjoy the accessory as a portable night light.

As for wireless chargers, the 3-in-1 night charger stand offers Qi technology and a maximum power of 15W. You can hold your phone at virtually any tilt via an adjustable handle for music, video, and video conferencing.

The 3-in-1 night light and wireless charger and smartphone holder typically cost $ 32, while we at iLounge give it away for just $ 27.99. You get a 15% discount with our offer. Get it today!

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