10 Best Ways to Fix Gmail Not Receiving Emails

Well, there’s no question that Gmail is the most widely used email service right now. Google itself supports the email service and it is available for free. Anyone can use Gmail with a Google account.

Although Gmail is mostly bug-free, users may experience certain issues when using it on a desktop or mobile device. For example, some users often complain that they are not receiving emails in Gmail.

So if you’re not getting emails in your Gmail inbox either, you can expect help here. In this article, we will share some of the best ways to fix Gmail when you are not receiving emails.

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List of Top 10 Ways to Fix Gmail Not Receiving Emails

Keep in mind that these are general solutions and could fix most Gmail-related problems. So, let’s see how to fix Gmail when not receiving emails.

1. Check your internet connection

If you suddenly stopped receiving emails in Gmail, you need to check your internet connection. Without an active internet connection, your Gmail inbox will not update and therefore you will not be able to view any new email.

Therefore, before following the following methods, make sure that the Internet is working properly. Even if it works fine, check and fix internet stability issues.

2. Check Google servers

Sometimes Google’s servers go down for maintenance. Therefore, if Google’s servers are down, you may experience problems using Google services such as Gmail, Hangouts, etc.

You can check Google workspace status to see if Gmail is currently inactive for everyone or just for you. If the servers were down, you should wait a few minutes or probably hours to receive your emails.

3. Email yourself

In this method, you will need to send an email to yourself. You can use any other email service like Yahoo, Outlook, Mail, etc. to send a test email to your Gmail inbox.

If you get your own emails in your Gmail inbox, then everything is working fine. It should ask the sender to resend the email.

4. Check the spam folder

If you’ve been using Gmail for a while, you may know that Google automatically filters some emails to the Spam folder. Sometimes it even considers normal and important emails as spam, and it is nothing new.

So be sure to check your spam folder as it might reside there. The Spam folder is in the left corner of the screen.

5. Check the Trash folder

Like the Spam folder, you may also want to check your Trash folder. Maybe you incorrectly clicked or accidentally deleted an email that you were waiting for.

If this is the case, you will find the deleted email in the Trash folder. The Trash folder is located on the left panel of the screen, just below the “Spam” folder.

6. Update the Gmail application.

If you are not receiving emails in Gmail for Android or iOS, you need to update the Gmail app. You can update your Gmail app through app stores like Google Play Store or iOS app store.

Sometimes the outdated Gmail app causes sync issues and other issues. Also, you will miss out on a lot of cool features. Therefore, it is always better to update the Gmail application from the application stores.

7. Disable email forwarding.

Gmail also allows you to forward email addresses from one email to another. It is a useful option for users who often switch to different email addresses. However, if you have configured email forwarding to your new email, you will not receive any email. Here’s how to disable email forwarding in Gmail.

  • Open Gmail in your web browser. Then, click on the gear icon to go to Settings.
  • On the next page, click the ‘See all settings’ option.
  • Then click on the ‘Forwarding and POP / IMAP’ option.
  • If email forwarding is enabled, disable it and update your Gmail account.

That’s! Are you ready. This is how you can disable email forwarding in Gmail.

8. Check your Gmail filter options.

Well, Gmail allows you to filter the emails that you would receive in your inbox. Email filtering is a useful feature, especially if you receive random spam emails from advertisers.

However, check if the email you expect to receive has been leaked. If it is filtered, you will need to change the email filter options. Here’s how to check your Gmail filter settings.

  • Open your Gmail account in the upper right corner, click on the Settings.
  • Then click on the ‘See all settings’ option.
  • Now select the ‘Filter and block addresses’.

Now you need to review the email address that has been blocked. Next, you need to unblock the email address from which you want to receive emails.

That’s! Are you ready. This is how you can check your Gmail filter options.

9. Check Gmail account storage

By default, each Google account offers 15GB of free data storage. If you have already reached the 15GB mark, you will stop receiving emails. Therefore, before following other methods, make sure to check your Gmail account storage.

To check the storage of the Gmail account, open Google Drive and check the storage space on the right side of the screen. If the storage is full, you need to delete some files from Google Drive.

10. Google support

Well, if everything listed above didn’t work for you, you should contact Google’s support team. However, keep in mind that there are tons of fake Google support teams doing rounds on the internet, so check the website before entering your personal details.

You should look up the Google number on your contact page. You can also take advantage of chat support to fix Gmail when you are not receiving emails.

So this guide is about how to fix Gmail when not receiving emails. I hope this article has helped you! Share it with your friends too. If you have any questions related to this, please let us know in the comment box below.

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